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I3L Science Camp Participant Stories


Nicole Heidi R., National High School West Jakarta

“This is the best camp that I’ve ever been to! Everyone here is really nice, especially the teachers! We had fun learning how to make cheese, and I hope that next year’s experimental session would involve ice cream making! The program provided students with free lunches and even coffee breaks!”

Teacher Testimony

I could see from their faces that my students really enjoyed both the Food Science and DNA Forensic programs! The most important thing is that they learned a lot through hands-on experiments and experiences in life sciences. I hope that there’ll be more future sessions for them to explore life sciences further.

Rubina Pasha – School Teacher

Student Testimonies

The teachers were very friendly and nice which helped our learning during the summer camp! There was a week full of experiments, including a lab session when we were taught how to make fresh cheese

Amy Clarissa Likjono

Student Testimonies

The services and facilities at i3L are fully pleasant! The exposure to different kinds of lab activities we received was valuable! For future summer camps, I hope that i3L could arrange an overnight summer camp complete with night researchers and field work

La Belle Pearl

Student Testimonies

The food science camp was really fun as it allowed us to learn interactively. It stimulated my curiosity in the subjects of food and nutrition. The camp’s method of teaching illustrated a lot of i3L’s passions in science. I really enjoyed the summer camp! Thanks for the amazing experience!

Charlene Prisceliline

Student Testimonies

“One thing that has caught my interest was epigenetics and new methods to differentiate between two identical twins. Using the knowledge of DNA science that I got from the summer camp it really developed my interest in DNA Science and Forensic area.”

Brandon Liuslie

Student Testimonies

The teachers, especially Dr. Richard is very knowledgeable, and it’s very nice of him to always ask ‘Is there any question?’ because most of the times there always were!

Renaldo Wongso

Student Testimonies

i3L summer camp has given me real experiences on how to apply life sciences in daily life, especially the DNA and Forensic science – on how we could use it to investigate real problems and made us to completely understand the science behind solving those problems. It was quite difficult to understand it in the beginning but it turned out to be really interesting!

Christy Hermanto

Student Testimonies

I really enjoyed the game that Dr. Richard put up, ‘Who Killed Mrs. Zola?’, a simulation game with the objective to capture the “murderer” of Mrs. Zola by matching up DNAs. It was really exciting to act as a scientist detective! Furthermore, the lab facilities in i3L are really advanced so it was fun to have direct hands-on experiences during the summer camp at i3L

Benson Widjaja

Student Testimonies

The forensic science camp expanded my knowledge on the human DNA through practical exercises and new experiences. The equipment provided was up-to-date, allowing us to adapt to the modern methods used today. The teachers were very considerate and helpful! One of the most memorable events was the visit to the DVI (Disaster Victim Investigation) office where we learnt how forensic science works in real life. Overall, the time I spent in the camp was memorable. I have no doubt that i3L will keep inspiring and developing students academically and individually.

Charnay Priscelline

Student Testimonies

I liked the open and friendly atmosphere of the classroom, the flexible schedule, and also the sophisticated equipment that i3L had. The fact that we could eat without being scolded together with the flexible time and free flow of coffee break made the summer camp totally enjoyable!

Ch’ng Ruoh Ping

Science Camp

As the leading international institution in life sciences, the Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) proudly presents the Science Camp programs. i3L offers interesting science activities focusing on the area of Life Sciences. Be prepared to be embraced by Life Sciences and discover Science in a fun and exciting way!

i3L attracts students from grades 4-6, 7-9 , 10th, 11th, and 12th to take a part in i3L Science Camp. If you are curious and interested to be a young scientist and ready to discover science behind it, join now!

i3L will be the host for science week, starting from July 02-06, 2018. The Sciences Camp will take place at i3L campus, JL. Pulomas Barat Kav. 88 East Jakarta, Indonesia. A whole week of Life Sciences provided for young scientists in elemantary – Highschool who are interested to be embraced by Life Sciences.


Make sense of the world around you by:

Understanding the basis of engineering by designing and creating robotic components through 3D printing;

Understanding the basis of computer science by learning how to develop fun animations and games;Understanding the basis of ecology and biology by developing a real miniature ecosystem


Nurture your own passions and be inspired by:

Critical thinking camps;

Biotechnology research activities;

Computer science workshops;

Applied research in food science and technology.


Start building a successful career in science by:

Performing research activities in molecular biology;

Participating in character and soft-skills building workshops;

Learning how to develop and apply entrepreneurial skills within the life science environment.

Science Camp Videos

i3L Video

This a collection of Training Video from our Programs

At i3L we always want to give our best in delivering our service, this also reflects in every video that we documented either from the event video and also the customer’s voice.

Rundown Event Science Camp

i3L Customized training increases the quality of the company most valuable asset: employees. We develop and delivers customized training to the Life Sciences industry. Empower yourself & Learn the science, regulatory and business practices used in lifescience industry including Biotechnology, Biomedicine, Bioinformatics, Food Science, Food Technology, Pharmacy and Bioentrepreneurship

We can also offer Online courses in order to cater you needs in your respective international representative office. Our clients include KI, TATA, OTG.



  • Mon: AM & PM 3D Printing and Light Circuit (L)
  • Tue: AM & PM 3D Printing and Light Circuit (L)
  • Wed: AM & PM Environmental Biology (Building Ecosystem) (L)
  • Thu: AM & PM Environmental Biology (Building Ecosystem) (L)
  • Fri: AM & PM Computer Science (L)


  • Mon: AM – Isolation and culture of human skin flora (L)
  • Mon: PM – Programming in phyton (D)
  • Tue: AM – Programming in phyton (D)
  • Tue: PM – Identification of human skin flora (L)
  • Wed: AM – How is it made? Liquid nitrogen ice cream (L)
  • Wed: PM – Personality test and critical thinking (T)
  • Thu: AM & PM – How is it made? Cheetos (L)
  • Fri: AM & PM – How is it made? Cheese (L)


  • Mon: AM – How to grow human cells in a lab (T)
  • Mon: PM – Mammalian cell culture maintenance and splitting (L)
  • Tue: AM – Cell Harvesting and DNA/protein isolation (L)
  • Tue: PM – SDS PAGE Coomassie blue staining (L)
  • Wed: AM – DNA amplification and quantification (L)
  • Wed: PM – Life Sciences Business Simulation workshop (T)
  • Thu: AM – Career and study planning workshop (T)
  • Thu: PM – Identification of microbes – bacteria (L)
  • Fri: AM – Youth Character Development (T)
  • Fri: PM – Identification of microbes – yeast and mold (L)

Our Faculty

Matteo Morello, Ph.D.

Director of Academic Affairs

Iwan Surjawan Ph.D.

Director of Collaboration

Siti Muslimatun, Ph.D.

Head of Food Science

Richard Sutejo Ph.D.

Head of BioMedicine

Inhouse Science Camp

Our workshop offers great opportunity to learn about the life science industry, to establish important contacts and most importantly, to seed the beginnings for a career in your chosen profession.