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i3L is specialist in healthcare and associated industries. Development and implementation of life science & business market research highly targeted to your company’s objectives. Receive specific, actionable results and insights that go far beyond a published survey by leveraging i3L expertise and extensive life science networks. We are ready to support if you have new idea or comprehensive market access/entry strategy for your product.

Key Benefits

  • Determine the needs and habits of your specific customer segment
  • Focus expert in life science area including Biotechnology, Biomedicine, Bioinformatics, Food Science, Food Technology, Pharmacy and Bio entrepreneurship
  • Gauge interest and find the current and potential market size for your products and services
  • Get feedback & guidance on new product ideas, method of development & techno economic analysis
  • Engage customers and get new leads
  • Define actionable results for business-critical questions
  • Customize service to your specific company needs


  • Development of survey questions designed to efficiently and unequivocally determine your strategy and tactics
  • Expert analysis of results with strategic and tactical guidance for next steps
  • Frequent presentation and summary of survey results to make sure your company is well updated with our progress
  • Full survey and respondent data in the final report.